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FC/AFC RC's Bitz
American Brittany Club's
Gun Dog Classic Trophy 
The Badger Brittany Club

founded in 1952

The first records are from 1955 and the club was incorporated in 1957. In the By-Laws,the objectives of Badger Brittany Club were to Promote cooperation and friendship among the breeders and owners of Brittany Spaniels, encourage higher standard in breeding, training and showing of Brittany Spaniels in the in the field and in the show ring. To discourage the breed from becoming split into groups of "field dogs" and "bench dogs" and to strive to keep it forever a "dual dog".
Dennis Sullivan-judge, Trevan Lloyd, Hannah Swanson, Madison Poehler, Garrett Lloyd, Nick Borchardt and Harold Heather-judge
June 2013 Junior Handlers Stake